Wallet wont restore. Program shuts down when I go to restore

  • Wallet wont fully sync. Getting stuck at 15%. Have tried restoring using back up file but it just shuts the wallet down and closes. I have even tried a different computer and when i restore it shuts down. please help? Thanks Andy

  • If the blockchain sync is getting stuck part way through, it can work to delete the local copy of the blockchain and reload the whole thing:

    1. Install the latest version of qtum core wallet from https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum/releases

    2. Run the wallet and Exit. Make multiple backup copies of the wallet.dat file

    3. With the wallet stopped, delete the blockchain (folders blocks, chainstate, database and stateQtum)

    4. Make sure there is at least 2 GB of disk storage free,

    5. Reboot your computer. Run the wallet again. Resync. Good luck!

  • Hi there,

    I have tried that but it keeps saying no active connections when I hover over the icon in the bottom right corner. How do i get my wallet synced? This is very frustrating.

    Thanks Andy

  • @andymanuel64

    Here is an old chat where Brett helped someone. Maybe it will help you as well....

    Mr Mime:
    How do i add connections ?

    Brett Fincaryk:
    go into your debug window

    then go into console

    then type: addnode add

    it should say "Null" if it works

    wait a few minutes, that should give you your 9th connection

    addnode add

    This should give you another connection

    Rice. Y.:
    How many connections is healthy? 8?

    Brett Fincaryk:

    type getpeerinfo

    will allow you to share your nodes with others

    Yes, addnode add

    The 8 main nodes are hardcoded in the wallet

    김 김:
    Should i type all node?

    Brett Fincaryk:
    yes add them all

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