Wallet stuck on splash screen

  • Hiya, I've downloaded and updated to the latest wallet v0.14.16, But now when I start the wallet it just hangs on the loading screen, I left it running for a week or so as I thought it was syncing, but it's not doing anything, have reinstalled/rebooted etc. anybody have any ideas, the old version worked fine.

  • should I delete the app and data, reinstal and redownload the blockchain, then restore from my wallet backup??

  • anybody?

  • Hey ChrisBan,

    Sounds like you may have lost connectivity to other Qtum peers (needs TCP in/out on port 3888), is it possible that you made this configuration in the past and somehow lot this setup in the upgrade?

    The wallet should be able to make connections to at least a few peers, up to 8 active connections after running for an hour.

    Make sure you have some good backups of your wallet.dat file, then try deleting the local copy of the blockchain, With the wallet stopped, delete the blockchain (folders blocks, chainstate, database, and stateQtum), these folders will be in the Qtum folder that also holds the wallet.dat file. Reboot your computer. Run the wallet again. Good luck!

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