Core Wallet does not connect to Network, yet Test Net Wallet does

  • Two days ago I downloaded from the QTUM website the WIN 64 Desktop QTUM Wallet. Two QTUM icons now show on my Desktop, QTUM Core and QTUM TestNet. Core does not connect to Network, and shows a status of connecting, with last connection in September 2017. Test Net connects and is up to date. The Core Wallet was sent 5 QTUM tokens from Binance, which still do not show up in the Core Wallet due to lack of network connection. Why does the Test Net wallet connect, but the Core does not? How can I get the Core wallet to connect to ensure the QTUM token transfer from Binance is properly reflected in my Core Wallet?

  • See if the Windows Firewall is blocking the wallet. Go to Windows Defender Firewall, "Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall", then "Add an app", browse to select the wallet app qtum-qt, "Network types" and set public an private and add that app.

  • The inconsistency is problematic. To have on my PC the QTUM Wallet Test Net connected and running fine indicates I do not have a firewall problem. The QTUM Core wallet lying dormant after the same timed download from the QTUM website tells me this is a software issue at QTUM.

  • Hey Breezin, the Qtum mainnet is working fine. Nodes (wallets) connect to Testnet through port 13888, and they connect to Mainnet through port 3888, so it is entirely possible for one to work, but not the other. It may be that you enabled the testnet wallet through the Windows popup when it first launched and didn't do that the first time the mainnet wallet launched. Provided you didn't have to map ports or anything through your router to get those testnet connections, then the steps I gave above for checking on the Windows Firewall would be the next step.

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