missing qtum from core wallet?

  • Either I have lost over 800 qtum or my wallet balance is wrong? has anyone had this experience.........the number of qtum in my wallet went from 9099 down almost 300....then about a week later went down to 8263.....no history of transactions...other than some staking.......i just sent most back to an exchange.....any ideas what is goin on?

  • Have you mined any blocks?

  • @frankrbruno over the course of oct 10 till 3/5 about 1 a day on avg.........then nothing for a month....so lost about 696 plus all the rewards.......about 150+-...so lost around 850..........never had a problem till recently losing about 281...then double that next week.......no record of the loss in the transaction history....i send email to support.....not heard back yet.....sucks because i love the rewards......but if i had left them on exchange id still have 9100

  • I had a very similar situation about a month ago, I staked my QTUM through Qtum Core Desktop wallet. And one day I thought a couple of hundred coins disappeared, but it turned out that when mined coins getting in a stage to be matured it will be in a locked position. So after a day or two, all the staked portion of coins plus mined coins showed up in my wallet. I am hoping that is what it is in your case as well.

  • @Bachantalk, can you please reach out to me via Direct Message "Jackson" on the Qtum Telegram or Discord? See the qtum.org home page for these links. There are some unusual things that can happen with staking, including orphan blocks, or if you have used simultaneous wallets (please don't). We can talk privately there. Also if you could, please edit your posts to remove the details about the size of your wallet,which is good practice to not reveal online.

  • @nanook yea thats happened before....but this was different..thanks

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