Ledger nano transaction stuck in the mempool.

  • Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums but I've been following and holding Qtum since summer this year.

    I'm trying to get some help with a transaction issue. After hearing that Ledger nano now supports Qtum I sent a stack from binance to my ledger nano, I tested with 1 and then with a larger amount, the transfer worked fine.

    Yesterday I wanted to move some Qtum back to the exchange. I used the Q-address that I got from binance and in the bitcoin wallet (which you have to use with the ledger nano) I selected the default "high transaction fee (0.001)" . I confirmed the transaction on my device, the wallet sent it but the transaction never went through, it has remained unconfirmed since last night. It hasn't been included in a block for the past 8 hours. Have I lost the money? Later, I checked that the average transaction fee in the network is 0.004. Is that the problem, was the fee included by the ledger nano too small? Are my qtum stuck in the mempool? Is there anyway to cancel the transaction?

    In qtum.explorer all I get is:
    "this transaction has not been included in a block yet. This page will reload automatically once your transaction is included."
    this is the tx: 07721f9c212e3fc792dc9aeed68121fe2c350ef61d121a789f9ecb0c2dcab4a9

    The ledger nano also says the transaction is unconfirmed.

    thank you, I'm a bit worried with this, It isn't a huge amount of money but it's my entire qtum holding.

  • qtum team

    I believe this was resolved on Discord? Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  • I have the same issue and it seems more people are having the same problem. Could someone please reply here how to solve this situation. So it says kind of pinned here?


  • I am the same thing.
    From December 2nd.

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