New wallet download; 0.0 % connection

  • Hey! I need help. I downloaded the updated Qtum wallet for Mac. I’m basically installing it fresh, but so far, it is not connecting to any nodes. It’s now syncing and stuck with 0 connections.
    what should i do? Thanks :)

  • Hello lo_ren,

    If a new wallet is stuck saying "XX weeks behind from Sept. 6 2017"this means the wallet can not connect to any peers and is not even starting to sync. This is usually a problem with the router.

    Make sure the wallet can communicate through your firewall and router, and add an exception for port 3888 TCP in/out (port forwarding or port mapping) if needed. The wallet should be able to make connections to at least a few peers within a few minutes, up to 8 active connections after running for a half hour or so.

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