Things you should know about QTUM Blockchain

  • Qtum,(pronounced as Quantum) is a smart contract platform which can be used to develop Decentralised Applications.

    Here you go:

  • Nice article and a good dragon photo, but may I offer some corrections?

    Regarding the section on Disadvantages:

    1. About 99% of Qtum ERC20 tokens have been swapped for QTUM Mainnet coins. The people who haven’t done this yet either lost their ERC20 tokens or will shortly. Qtum has a capped supply of 107,822,406.25 coins, reached in about 31 years.

    2. There are problems with Solidity, especially if programmers don’t understand safe math. That is why being able to write smart contracts with mature tools and widely known languages will be so safe and useful for the Qtum x86 virtual machine.

    3. This statement shows a basic misunderstanding of how Qtum PoS 3.0 works. With Qtum, any amount can be staked and that wallet will validate transactions and blocks on the network. Block rewards are given in a random lottery where the odds of winning are proportional to the amount being staked, but very small wallets, can and do win block rewards (but infrequently). Every one of these decentralized wallets (also a full node) helps secure the network.

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