Rewards Stopped But Wallet Is Setup Properly

  • i have not received a reward in 2 months, but staking= true &wallet=unlocked, with zero downtime, for months.

    i've had rewards in the past. what do i check next?


  • Hello again gaia. You are on the right track here. Also check that your wallet is syncing to the latest block, and has 8 or more (could be many more with qtumd) peer connections. Then you just have to wait for it. My independent calculations give a network weight around 40 million, so I would advise just doubling the current wallet estimated calculation of time to reward based on 18 million network weight. Then you can expect, because of the random variation in the block reward lottery, that some block rewards could be 5 to 9 times the estimate, or sooner, depending on your luck.

  • qli getconnectioncount

    qli getblockcount

    Block height

  • Looks good. Just have to wait for it now :-)

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