different balance in my linux Qtum-core wallet address and https://explorer.qtum.org/address/

  • Hi,
    I'm running Qtum-core on linux for staking. (for about several months)
    I was checking whether staking worked, and found out that the balance is reduced!! (about 700 qtums!! and no staking is processing.)
    Definitely I did not send any balance after last check.
    To find any transactions, I checked my wallet addresses on explorer.qtum.org. And one of the addresses' balance is different with my linux Qtum-core wallet's balance.
    Can you please check out what's happening?
    Is this possible?

  • This is possible if you have made any send transactions from the wallet. In sending, the wallet selects a complete previous transaction to send, and gets any "change" back on a new change address that the wallet supplies. In this case, your wallet should still show the expected total (it can sum across all the addresses), but the Explorer can only show one address at a time. If you look at the transaction on the Explorer, you can see the change address listed.
    Another possibility is your wallet may be out of sync with the blockchain, especially if you have added tokens recently. The best fix for this (I think) is to delete the blockchain and reload the whole thing. Make sure you have a good wallet.dat backup first. Then in the Qtum directory, delete the folders blocks, chainstate, stateQtum. This deletes your local blockchain and it will be reloaded from peers when you relaunch the wallet. Good luck!

  • Actually I checked a single address in my wallet
    (with the command "qtum-cli listaddressgroupings"),
    and the balance is different with the balance in Explorer.
    And I tried the reload thing but, it still shows reduced balance only in my wallet. :(
    I also checked the unspent list, and there's no transactions about the reduced value.
    What can I do??

  • @jayjay , are you Jay on Telegram?

  • @jb395
    yeah, and thanks again for your help.

    And for the others, it is solved and was about the orphan block mining thing.

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