qtumwallet web wallet token support?

  • I'm using the wallet over at https://qtumwallet.org/ and wired up my LRC ethereum contract to it for their airdrop coming up. I know the new core desktop wallet supports tokens, but I don't see token support in the web wallet. Are their plans to support tokens in the web wallet? Since I can't change my smart contract, am I screwed now? Or will the web wallet still accept tokens and eventually support interacting with them? Can I start a petition to support tokens in the web wallet? Haaallllp!!

    Edit: I think it actually already does? I've attached a screen shot. Can someone confirm this is token support in the web wallet?

    0_1521269085304_Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 1.39.53 AM.png

  • @gunterbro

    Lrc ethereum?? Qtum does not support ethereum tokens..

  • Qtum uses QRC20 tokens (similar to Ethereum ERC20, but native to the Qtum blockchain). Here is a listing of QRC20 tokens currently on the Qtum blockchain https://qtum.info/contract/tokens

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