Please help me to send Qtum coins from my web wallet

  • Hello, I need a help.I cant send QTUM coins but only receive with my Web Qtum wallet from https://qtum 2 days I send to my Qtum Web Wallet some Qtum coins. I Receive them without problem. But after that I try many times to sendit same Qtum coins to my Desktop Qtum wallet and to web exchanger site but the web wallet show me the next mesage '' You are going to send ... to address .... ? Raw Tx loading ... " and nothing happend more.- Just like on the screenshot atachment.Tell me please what happends?0_1521194350369_Screenshot_1.png

  • Same issue here. I've tried on multiple computers over several days and it keeps getting stuck at this step. Any thoughts/solutions would be much appreciated!

  • Did you guys get this to work? Did you try some different browsers?

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