Kaspersky detects Trojan virus in Qtum Core (Windows 64-bit)

  • Installed Kaspersky Total Security today, and scan found Trojans in two Qtum EXE files:

    • Trojan.MSIL.Disfa.mlia in qtum-qt.exe (main app)
    • Trojan.Win32.Generic in qtumd.exe (daemon)


    • Why is this happening?
    • How do I restore my wallet?

    Thanks in advance for any insight on this!

  • Most likely it is a false positive

  • That's what I thought, too. Would be good to have reassurance from the tech team.

  • To restore the wallet, this is what you need to do:


    1. Open the Kaspersky main window, and click the Settings gear in the bottom left corner
    2. Select Additional on the left
    3. Click Threats and Exclusions in the main pane
    4. Under Exclusions, click Manage exclusions
    5. Click Add in the bottom right corner
    6. Click Browse and navigate to your QTUM wallet folder
    7. Click Select
    8. Click Add in the bottom right corner
    9. Click Continue in the confirmation dialog
    10. Close the Exclusions dialog


    1. Go back to the main screen, and click More Tools on the bottom
    2. Click Quarantine on the left
    3. Select the two qtum EXE files (qtum-qt.exe, qtumd.exe), and click Restore on the bottom
    4. Click Restore again in the confirmation dialog


    1. In Windows, delete all shortcuts to the program
    2. Go to your QTUM folder and start the main application (qtum-qt.exe). Your wallet should be running as usual.

    That should be it!

  • "This is a known issue. We've contacted Kaspersky and 2 other anti-virus vendors about this." - Earlz on GitHub

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