qtum提现至web钱包的问题、Qtum questions to be raised to the web Purse

  • 为什么我提现到钱包,收款地址不一样呢?第一次提现没到账,我重新登录钱包,收款地址变了。我又重试了一下,显示提现到账,为什么我查询钱包余额没有呢?并且提现地址又变回原来的地址了?? 求解答,谢谢

    Why do I bring it to my wallet, and the address is different? I didn't get the bill for the first time, and I went back to my wallet, and the address of the receipts changed. I tried again to show the bill. Why did I check the balance of my wallet? And the present address is returned to the original address again? Answer, thank you.

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