Worried about Quantum coin transfer.

  • Dear, Qtum foundations.

    I just send the email for checking my Qtum coin again.

    TXID : cbedc9b836cc8b3d1f5cbcc317dccfd370f0453a84a4c30927cfd8700d9484a1

      ( Upbit in korea) from : Qjj9XaTYbfXLDcmzKBxNFpDeqNPHajTxpE
     ( Yobit ) to : QVS2QLGZHPFbaEYbNkCgWKmJjudTq2prgC

    at 2018.01.06, 01:07 in korea time, 18.51620603 Qtum (U) is mine.

    But the coin is not sended yet. could you check again please?

    If the yobit can't receive the Qtum coin, i want to go back to upbit exchange again, never mind about the fee.

    Best Regards.

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