QTUM dissapeared from mobile wallet on iPhone for no reason

  • Hello everyone! I downloaded QTUM wallet to my iPhone and sent a qtums from my Bitfinex acct., got confirmed, received everything successfully, both blockchain and wallet showed the funds were transferred. But I opened my wallet today and nothing there + there is an information that no transactions were made yet... I backed the wallet up, nothing helps, no qtum in it... Did someone solve the same problem already? Thank you in advance for your answers, they are highly appreciated! !

    0_1511620983864_Lost qtum 2.jpg

  • I've had the same problem on the my Android and haven't heard anything from the dev team. I'm really bummed

  • I have athe same problem for android wallet. my 86Qtum was disappeared.
    Thereis a received record , but activity balance is 0.
    Please tell me Why the reasons.

  • Ok guys please try completely closing the app and reopen it. They made some fixes and should work now. Please let me know if not...

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