Stuck Transactions

  • Hello, I am repeatedly getting transactions that are stuck, meaning they will say "0/unconfirmed, in memory pool". However, several blocks have gone by, each with only a few transactions from other people, and mine are still unconfirmed. Any ideas?

    This happened more frequently after upgrading to the latest release v0.14.5, but is also occurring with v0.14.3. I am using the "sendtoaddress" over RPC from the command line. It works most of the time, but then the transactions stop going through.

  • @jph108 I'm having a similar issue, I transferred from a the new qtum app on the ledger nano to binance and the transaction is still "unconfirmed" even after 8 hours.

  • Buddy i have around 40 Qtums transaction stuck for about 2 weeks already

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