I ask you to return my coins

  • Good day, my coins were stored on BiZhongChou, then they were transferred to the qtum fund, after which I applied to the qtum fund and gave them my address to bittrex, but it's been more than a month and I have not been answered. When does qtum plan to return coins?

  • qtum team

    Hi, I sent you a direct message. If anyone else is having problems, please message me directly.

  • Hi all, I'm new and very convinced after watching some of your videos but I don't have enough bitcoins, hoping to buy some in the coming days but wish I could buy 1 or 2 qtums to start with because I downloaded the qtum-qt wallet but bittrex has a trade limit and that's making it impossible to buy less than 10 coins. Is there a way around this ? Maybe buying from individuals who bought a chunk of qtums from the crowd sale? Thank you.

  • @qtum
    I thank the qtum team for their quick response. As it turned out, coins were transferred to me a month ago. But on bittrex there was an error and I have not credited them to the balance so far. Why did bittrex commit to placing qtum coins if they can not now return them to the users account?

  • @qtum
    For me, 557 coins are very big money since my salary is only 500usd. And I was among the first who supported your project. Also I very much hoped that next year the qtum coins could grow significantly. But now, due to a bittrex failure, I have a balance of 0. I would not like to see that somebody else from the qtum community has suffered from the bittrex exchange.

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