Lost Passphrase Help

  • I have lost my passphrase and cant unlock the wallet to transfer/stake coins. Is there anything I can do? My wallets open I can see the balance just cant get into it.

  • I have to ask - How did you lose the passphrase?

    You will need it to access wallet and without it, as far as I am aware, there is no way to access the wallet

  • I had a text doc in an USB with what I had copied in and thought was the passphrase I used for Qtum core. When i went to unlock it said it was invalid.
    a couple scenarios:

    1.) I ended up changing the passphrase and the words, but forgot to save the text doc before exiting.

    2.) The text doc/usb were compromised and the password I had saved was used by a potential hacker to change the passphrase for the wallet so i can no longer access it.

    Either way, I understand the carelessness and not writing down the passphrase on paper but need to find a way to get back in. There must be something I can do or a qtum team member I can talk to that can help.

  • Hey echo, were you able to find a way out?

  • qtum team

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