5 days...no staking rewards

  • I made a couple deposits from Bittrex..one on 9th one on 11th.......total 10,000........still no rewards.....Computer only went off once in all that time.....wallet unlocked....says im staking........is it just bad luck or did i do something wrong....im thinking about sending back to bittrex........then maybe trying again.......Im a math guy, not a computer guy...but i thought i followed the directions from a you tube guy who walked u through it

  • @Bachantalk

    Hello, if your wallet indicates that you are staking, then it should be alright. The deposits you completed do not instantly begin staking once transferred to the wallet from an exchange. There is a estimated 20-ish hour wait time for the coins to mature- they need 500 block confirmations. So there is additional lost time there on top of your computer being offline for however long it was.

    Additionally, network weight will affect the approximate reward time. The network weight seems to be increasing as more and more QTUM is being staked, therefore lowering your expected stake/reward time.

    Your expected reward time is an estimate, however, it should certainly average itself out over the course of the year. With 10,000 QTUM though, your daily probability is at around a 0.79% with a 9.018 million network weight. This leaves you with 74 days in the year that you likely would not stake a block reward. It seems as though you might just be experiencing bad luck- though as I mentioned before, you should still end up with the 291 block rewards/year regardless if you were not to have one for 5 days, perhaps you'll have 2-3 in a day.

    Have a look here at the staking calculator if you wish.

    Moreover, you can have a look at this written guide to see if the steps you followed in setting up your wallet were along the same guidelines.

    Lastly, you should encrypt/lock your wallet, and ensure the option of unlocking the wallet only for staking purposes is applied. This is just my recommendation though.


  • @joejoeadams thanks!!!.....was gonna give up and send back to bittrex but will wait it out......

  • Same thing here...However, I already staked 2 blocks 5 days ago with a similar amount of QTUM. The thing I noticed was that I was connected to up to 23 peers while staking then. For the past 5 days, I can't seem to connect to more than the standard 8 peers.

    Do I have to force my wallet to connect through a SOCKS 5 proxy to reach more peers?

  • I just staked another block...Whoo-hoo!
    I didn't even have to use a proxy :)

  • @qtumbob Good stuff! I should be expecting my first in about 278 days. Looking forward to it >:)

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