QTUM Tokens on Bizhongchou. Emails Bouncing back

  • Hi,
    I still have some tokens I purchased via Bizhongchou.com.
    I have seen the post to contact the foundation as they transferred them over to them. But any emails i send seem to be bouncing back to me with
    "Message Blocked"

    How do I go about getting my tokens or who do I contact ?

    Thank you

  • Hi, can you give me your email domain that your sending from -- the bit after the @ sign?
    We've had to take extreme measures after we had a huge mailbox spam to our swap address. Currently we have most common mail domains (google, msn, etc) allowed to send, but had to block unknown senders. I suspect your email domain is outside our allowed list - Once I add your domain you will be able to send emails to our swap address

  • HI

    Thank you for the reply.

    I'm sending from @gmail !

    [email protected]

  • Hello,

    I got my tokens back thank you QTUM Guys

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