Python Script for use with Qtumd

  • I want to make available a Python script I wrote for real-time monitoring of the Qtum server application qtumd. (QM) is written in Python 3.6.1 on a Windows platform but contains no Windows specific code or libraries. The script can also run in Python 2.7.13 and perhaps would run on a Raspberry Pi.

    QM uses the qtum-cli command line interpreter to query qtumd, to read current wallet parameters, detect new blocks, and enforce that qtumd is actually running and unlocked for staking. QM can be optionally set to send email alerts when the wallet receives a block reward or returns a stake, as well as sending emails for various error conditions. The script checks for new blocks about every 4 seconds, but will very occasionally skip a block, so it is a work-in-progress. If your mobile carrier has an email to SMS gateway, the block reward alert SMS will reach your mobile a few seconds after it is posted on the Qtum Explorer.

    For each new block, QM writes various wallet parameters to a daily .csv log for (for easy importing into Excel) and prints the relevant staking parameters on the computer

    If you are familiar with programming you might like to try this script. If you are not a programmer but can make a GitHub clone request, you might like to review the code and comments to learn more about Qtum staking. The comments are verbose, but don’t expect to see elegant Python code. You can find QM at

  • Hope you are able to use this script,

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