Raspberry Pi Staking

  • Hi Guys

    I'm having an issue with transferring Qtum into the Wallet, I followed the steps here. https://steemit.com/qtum/@cryptominder/qtum-staking-tutorial-using-qtumd-on-a-raspberry-pi-3

    Got everything running - On Step 10 - Encrypting and Unlocking Your Wallet. $ ~/qtum-wallet/bin/qtum-cli -stdin encryptwallet

    I can see "unlocked_until": 0, and I set that to 99999999

    I created a new account with $ ~/qtum-wallet/bin/qtum-cli getaccountaddress "accountname"
    Account info show default account "" and "accountname"

    Does "getaccountaddress" create a new account and key? I assume It does because it shows up on listaccounts.

    I transferred 1 Qtum from Binance to "accountname" public key. Binance confirm transfer completed.

    But when I check with $ ~/qtum-wallet/bin/qtum-cli getwalletinfo
    My balance is 0.0000000

    What might I have missed or done wrong?

    Do I need to select which account to get info on?

    If so how I select the account I want to display the info?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Wallet version: Mainnet Ignition v1.0.2

    • qtum-0.14.3-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz - A version of qtumd and qtum-cli built for 32bit ARM platforms using Linux. This includes the Raspberry Pi and many of it's clones

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey did you find a solution to this? Having same issue. Thanks!

  • You need to wait for wallet to sync, then balance shows.

  • @rz Got ya... How long does that typically take? It's been 24 hours and still not showing in the balance just as a transaction. QTUM insight shows that it has been received. Thanks!

  • Hey, I am also trying to set up staking on the raspberry pi 3 using the cryptominder instructions. I have done all the steps successfully up until the last bit of step 10, trying to unlock for staking.

    When I try to unlock my wallet with my passphrase, press enter, add an amount of time, press enter, type true, press enter, I get an error code: -32601 and error message: Method not found.

    I have successfully encrypted my wallet, and successfully sent coins that have been confirmed and appear in my getwalletinfo.

    I have also checked the GUI wallet on my laptop with my wallet.dat file to check everything is good, and I am able to unlock on there no problem.

    I am pretty new to this command line stuff, but up until this I was sailing. Is there anybody that has encountered this before, or knows what to do?
    Any help is appreciated as I cant find any info anywhere!


    Note: when I ask for staking info it has "enabled": true, "staking": false.

    Does that mean my wallet is unlocked for staking but not yet mature enough or does it mean my wallet is enabled but I am not staking?

    Thanks again

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