Strange Staking!

  • I experienced something strange yesterday. I was staking my full amount of coins...let's say 200 QTUM.
    I previously staked a block with my full weight of 200. The wallet placed all 200.4 QTUM under "Stake". Once matured, I started the staking process again.

    While staking for a new block with a weight of 200. I left my computer for a few hours and when I returned the wallet had closed. I also noticed that the internet was intermittently dropping throughout the day.

    Once I restarted the wallet, I noticed that it found a block, however, the wallet also divided my balance. It sent almost half of my balance in "Stake" with the first 0.4 QTUM, (101.4 QTUM) awaiting maturity.

    The other half remained in my available balance (99 QTUM) and was staking new blocks. My weight was equivalent to the "available" balance, which is how it should be.

    Any ideas on what caused the wallet to divide my balance and split my staking?

  • The wallet splits every UTXO selected for staking over 200 QTUM, and does not split UTXOs under this amount. This by design, you will get a slightly better return with smaller stakes because there rest of your wallet will continue to stake with the remainder during the 500 block period of the stake.

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