Are staked coins not available to use?

  • @qtumbob

    I think that makes sense. Best just accept that the tokens are 'locked up as @rmplx says.

    thanks guys, this was pestering me a good bit :)

  • @dw2929
    Could you please write here how did you reach "Stake: " item in BALANCE? I am asking, because I tried to stake 1 QTUM(just for test) with unlock wallet and I can not see that.

    Btw. in right down corner is lightning icon and when I point on that with my mouse, so there is info: "Staking. Your weight is 1".

  • @polo
    That only occurs when you have actually staked a block.

  • @qtumbob
    What exactly does it mean for me? Does it mean, that "Stake: " item in BALANCE will appear later? If yes, how long should I wait?

    P.S. I apologize for stupid question, but I am not very familiar with expressions like "stacked block".

  • @polo

    Trust me, everyone is confused at first...;)
    "Stake" is blank until you find a block.
    After you have found a block you receive 0.4 QTUM

    "Stake" then shows your entire balance + 0.4 QTUM - example 100.4 QTUM
    You cannot stake again until your "staked" balance (100.4 QTUM) becomes mature - after 500 confirmations.
    Upon maturation, 100.4 QTUM move from "Stake" to "Available".

    You will receive 9 more 0.4 QTUM rewards.
    Each reward will go under "Stake" until matured, then later be added to available balance.
    FYI - "Available" + "Stake" = "Total"

  • @rmplx @dw2929
    It turns out that I was wrong!
    When you split your large balance into smaller balances - (approximately 250-400 QTUM recommended) it does not take away from your wallet weight.

    So if you have 20,000 coins split up, you will still have a weight of 20,000 until you "mine" a block which will attribute one of your 400 QTUM UTXO to your 0.4 QTUM reward. Then your wallet will place 400.4 QTUM under the category "Staking".

    The rest of your balance - 19,600 QTUM would still be available to stake immediately with a weight of 19,600!

  • @qtumbob exactly right, this is the way it works.

  • @qtumbob How do you mean split up the balance? Is that among different machines (instances of the QTUM wallet), or just different addresses within the same QTUM wallet on the same machine?

  • @jph108 All you need to do is send coins to the same address in the same wallet in smaller tranches of 250-400 as recommended. You can also send them to multiple addresses if you want.

  • @qtumbob Thanks, this was good to know!

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