Lost receiving address

  • I followed Medibloc's instructions on how to setup the Qtum wallet for MED and did a sample transfer to the qtum wallet. in the wallet I was prompted to enable log events to see transactions with a token. Once I did that the wallet began resyncing/reindexing and froze. Started it back up and went through and the accounts I had set up were gone, tried to restore from backup but the backup was from before I created the accounts.

    So my question is: since I know my address/TxId/Ect. from the transfer info from Gate.io can I manually input that address as an address of mine? then since I have my private key, can I confirm with the blockchain that that transaction was mine? (I used "validateaddress myaddress" for the address in question, which returned "ismine": true,)

    So is it just the UI of the wallet that isnt fully synced?

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