• Hello !
    could anybody explain me how to do that in details please ?
    Thanks a lot !

  • Indeed. None of QTUM is listed on the home page. (via Tools -> Exchange widget) has Qtum and Qtum Ignition, but the "Exchange" button errors with "Minimum transfer: Infinity QTUM" no matter what amount is entered.

  • @auroalex Install the latest Qtum Ignition wallet from here:, then run it and get a Qtum address. Then go to and do the swap, providing your new Qtum address as a recipient and sending your Qtum ERC20 tokens from Metamask to the Changelly provided ethereum address.

    Good luck!

  • @vd hi there. i am a total noob to Qtum. i know you posted a link to Qtum's github page. however I do not see a section on the page where it clearly and explicitly tells me hey if you want to download our wallet, click here. so i imagine it must be one of the options listed under Windows subtitle.

    i just bought some Qtum on Binance 05/12/17. Online posts tell me Qtum tokens were ERC20 tokens but were swapped for native Ignition tokens on 04/10/17. how can i tell if the Qtum i bought are the Ignition tokens instead of the ERC20 placeholder tokens?

    i am using Windows 10, 64 bit. however i do not understand the difference and qtum-0.14.10-win64-setup-unsigned.exe What does unsigned mean? I imagine these two are the two wallet types I can download?

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