What should i do when i have missed the change of my tokens?

  • Is there any way to change afterwards. My tokens are in Exodus wallet.

  • @esse

    Yes, Changelly will be swapping tokens starting October 9th.

  • awesome.
    Thanks frankbruno for your answer.

  • @esse no problem :)

  • @frankrbruno @esse Any idea how to do this? I have QTUM in myetherwallet. At this writing, QTUM isn't on Changelly to exchange, but even if it is later today, how would this be done if you want to keep QTUM? Basically you are taking QTUM temporary coins with the goal of making a deposit to your point of stake wallet making these coins "more" permanent and capable of staking, contracts, and transactions, am I correct? You can't for example (from what I can see) exchange BTC to BTC in Changelly. Could you take QTUM to exchange for ETH then back to QTUM and somehow get to your staking computer's wallet? I've got the ignition core staking wallet set up and running on my computer now; it/I am ready (albeit with $0.00).
    Only a couple of weeks ago I made pains to get the foundation to get my coins from 365 to myetherwallet now it seems I am on the verge of losing coins again. I don't recall a huge campaign to get coins changed on October 4th. I'd like to participate in the network staking (healthy for the network isn't it?) but am finding the difficulties not reasonable.
    I do appreciate @frankrbruno for what appears to be a recourse; I am hoping it pans out and I can be a happy QTUM citizen. Any other assistance or updates are further appreciated.

  • @frankrbruno @esse Okay, I think I've figured some of this out today. Changelly WILL make an exchange today of the old "temporary placeholder" QTUM to ETH but at this writing, it is not obvious how to do it. The main page right now will not show a QTUM swap. However, if you go to the TOOLS pull down menu and select exchange widget the swap becomes obvious. I was able to exchange all of my coins through them to Ethereum. I hope that helps somebody.

    I really want to in the end keep using QTUM so want to exchange back to that, but I am now having trouble figuring that out. hitbtc.com I can deposit ETH and exchange QTUM but I can't withdraw because of the ETH20 main net swap (it even says so when I try, with "deepest" apologies.) Bittrex.com, it looks like you can only buy directly in the same coin and can't exchange. Changelly, once exchanged, doesn't appear to have the ability to exchange to a true QTUM token (it says invalid address when I give my wallet receive address on my Ignition core wallet). Anyone have any ideas other than to sit tight?

    Of course, things are going to change over time, and this post of my troubles should take that into account - dear reader - this may be resolved by the time you read this, so check out the date of the post.

  • @robmilliken Thanks alot it helped me too!

  • https://changelly.com/payment-widget gives an error "Minimum transfer: Infinity QTUM". I am surprised by the lack of information on how to convert Qtum (ERC-20) to Qtum Ignition after Oct 4. I, of course, missed the Oct 4 "official" swap date.

  • @vd Don't have that much QTUM? ;-) You must have, like me, tried to bypass their "value" in the pulldown which are both the same. (Otherwise it'd default to the old non-ignition QTUM) or you caught them mid-update. Regardless, it does look like progress/a work being carried out. I did send their support people a message pointing out the issue, in the unlikely case they didn't know about it. The irksome thing to me is that ETH at this writing is about the same but QTUM is now on the rise. I mean, I made out okay - very much so coming from the initial ICO - but really wanted to invest/participate in QTUM but now stuck with the ETH that has been exchanged.

    Note, if you want to exchange for the old "placeholder" I'd keep trying - make sure you aren't using ignition if you have the old "placeholder" coin. (One way to know this, I think, is that the hash for the actual QTUM coin that will be released begins with a Q - the ETH placeholder hashes do not. --- can someone verify this?)

  • Changelly support emailed me this link: https://qtum.changelly.com/ where I managed to do the swap (it took about 30 hours).

  • @vd Sweet link! I wish they had that last week. Support wrote to me yesterday that they can't yet exchange ETH for QTUM ignition coins. It looks like you can almost do it with the above widget, but, alas, at this writing, no.

  • Okay - looks like I have figured some out since last post. I got my ETH changed to QTUM through Bitfinex. They are the only exchange where I could do this that I have found at this writing. There are a few items to be aware of though with this exchange, especially if you are an American. First, a noob issue where I did a market trade and didn't have quite enough ETH to cover the trade. I was off by literally one US cent. This negative penny balance caused my entire account on Bitfinex to be basically locked, since I couldn't withdraw without having a positive USD balance. American's cannot fund their service's accounts with USD, so an American is stuck. Their support people though were great and fixed it within a couple of days. Afterward, I was able to transfer ETH and QTUM Ignition coins with no other issues. Here is the thing though about Bitfinex - they are barring American's from using their system in the early part of November. So if you want to use them and are in America, use them quickly then get all of your crypto off their system. I wish they'd be more open to American's but with the law/tax system in the US, I can understand.

    Some statistics I haven't seen from others yet (through my casual browsing) - 260 coins mature in around 24 hrs (500 blocks confirm) and with that many Qtum coins you are expected to stake another 4 coins in about 58 days (the Qtum Core GUI notified me of that estimate). Compared to my two mining full time 6 GPU each ETH mining rigs making me about $.04 ETH a day, that isn't that bad since you don't need any fancy GPUs, etc - in fact that is better! I hope my I don't get any more power interrupts as has been the case this past week....

    Hope everyone is figuring out their way with this... the more people on the network, I figure the more this network will thrive...!

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