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    I'm having an issue, and I can't find any help on the matter, so I'm turning to the community. I have the Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition. After installing both discs, the Play software, and the iLok License Manager, I then downloaded the Installation Center from the EW site (because I couldn't find anywhere to input my product code). Now I'm to the point where I input the authorization code, but the site is telling me the product key can't be found.

    I've jumped through all the hoops and done everything the right way. I just want to get the software working, but this all seems an incredibly complex way to get the software working. I have a legit product code (it's on the back of the discs; this is not pirated), but it still won't start. Can anybody help?


    I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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    This is not the place. This is only for Qtum technical support, not for general IT

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