Passphrase vs seed

  • Hi everyone!

    So after I downloaded the wallet, it synchronised with the network. But at no point was I given the wallet seed / passphrase.

    The only security happened when I encrypted the wallet and added a passphrase.

    So is this the same as the seed? I have read the forum and people mentioned a 12 word seed...but I have not seen this...

    Sorry for the lack of knowledge!

  • Hey Dryshann,
    That is the way the passphrase works. The initial state of the wallet is unenrypted and there is not a password or passphrase (this is not a safe way to operate the wallet though). When you encrypt a Qtum Core wallet, you enter a free-form text passphrase. Make it long and strong. You can use words of your choice similar to the preset 12 seed words used by other wallets.

  • So.... the passphrase entered for encrypting the wallet is also the seed ....? Does this mean then that the wallet can be restored from the passphrase alone without having the wallet.dat file.....???

  • @jw88, no problem. The passphrase is a password for the Core wallet. If you lose either the wallet.dat file or the passphrase, you will lose your QTUM. The passphrase is a free-form text password, so you can enter twelve words (like seed words) since that is a familiar approach with other wallets. But if you choose a twelve word passphrase you can not enter those twelve words on any other wallet to restore that Core wallet. Here is a good reference for safe wallet operations

  • Hi @jb395 , thanks for your reply!
    So is there no set of seed words can be used to restore a Qtum wallet then...?
    Many thanks

  • No, you MUST know the passphrase and have the wallet.dat file.

  • Hi @jb395, so although the passphrase resembles seed words, it doesn't actually have the functional ability, got it...! Thanks again for your help!

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