Metropolis update on Eth

  • There is going to be a hard fork on Ethereum to resolve some issues with ERC20 Tokens, I believe that it formalises the ERC20 standard and will create ERC223 Tokens.

    As far as I know there have been some losses due to exploits in the current ERC20 implementation.

    Does this apply to Qtum and do we have to go through a similar hard fork?

    Finally bought 42 Qtum Tokens today and wondered why I could not withdraw them to my Qtum wallet, I now realised I'm a bit early to the party :)

  • @peterbushnell

    Qtum wallet doesn't not support the erc20 tokens. You have to wait until after the token swap to be able to store qtum on the official qtum wallet.

    As of right now people create a custom Qtum erc20 token on wallets like new until the swap takes place on October 4th

  • I'm thinking about the Qtum wallet itself, you can grab the source and compile it now.

    Does that require the Metropolis update?

    I was under the impression that the network was live as the mainnet source has been released, I guess if we are before fork and coins have not been swapped for Tokens then the Metropolis update if required can be added safely.

    There's also the Bitcoin exploit that has to be patched for, the joys of combining two codebases is double the work keeping up with updates and bug fixes.

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