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    Recently, Zeppelin Solutions ( did a full audit of our token smart contract.
    Unfortunately, they found 3 critical issues, that are eventually going to be used by attackers.
    Zeppelin Team created a new secure and reliable QTUM token contract for us.
    But now QTUM token holders have to update their QTUM from the old contract to the new one.

    Qtum Team is asking everyone to upgrade QTUM token contract and secure their QTUM tokens now!
    This is extremely important and we have to finish this process as fast as possible.

    To securely upgrade your QTUM contract, use our QTUM token upgrade app - upgrade/
    It will check the security of your QTUM and will help you to upgrade it automatically.

    Old tokens will become worthless once the upgrade is complete.
    Exchanges are already updating our token contract and old tokens will not be tradable anymore.
    If you hold QTUM on any exchange - withdraw it on the personal wallet and use the upgrade tool.

    Thanks for understanding,
    Qtum Team

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