Lightning Network and Tokens

  • Not sure if this has come up before, I presume that SegWit and CSV is already enabled on the chain, saw that the conditionals are still wrapping the flags but will add some debug lines to check the status.

    Please excuse my ignorance but I'm quite new to Ethereum based projects and I hope this is not a dumb question.

    Does SegWit and CSV can apply to Tokens created in DApps?

    Thinking down the line if Qtum based Tokens could be mixed with other coins in something like a Lightning Network. Great work by the way, I think this is one of the more interesting ideas to come out recently.

  • Hello Peter, jumping into the time machine to answer your question. The Qtum EVM only supports Legacy pubkeyhash addresses (addresses beginning with a “Q”).

    Qtum Core supports both kinds of SegWit addresses, but smart contracts do not.

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