"Enable IPv6 when available" causes high ping

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    Today I noticed I had 250-260 ms, which is unusual as I normally have 30-32 ms.

    After contacting support numerous times, resetting my user interface, scanning and repairing, uninstalling other programs that may cause harm, resetting my internet and computer, even uninstalling and reinstalling the entire game, I've found that the issue occurred when I enabled the setting "Enable IPv6 when available".

    I have had this setting enabled in the past for as long as I can remember. Only until today has it become an issue and I'm not entirely sure why. Regardless, disabling it solves my high ping issue, and I'm passing along this information to anyone else who may be having a similar problem. This is possibly a bug on Blizzard's end.

    If anyone has any information as to why this may be happening I would like to know.
    Please Help !
    Thanks !
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