I have a problem with QTUM withdrawal

  • I need your help vigorously!

    I have a problem with QTUM withdrawal! I need help!
    I transferred QTUM from https://bizhongchou.com to https://coinone.co.kr/! On August 31, 89 QTUM transfers were completed. However, on September 1, 2000 QTUMs will not be transferred for more than four days!
    My bizhongchou Id: 13223 I did not deposit money at my arrival address. Please ask me for help! I applied for withdrawal from
    2017-09-01/ 09:00:43 QTUM 2100.1142 份量 子 链 QTUM (实际 到 账 2100.0142). The site is marked as successful withdrawal! But I did not receive QTUM 2100.0142. The day before, I applied for withdrawal to the same address and deposited it in 3 hours. But QTUM2100.0142 is 3days old, but the transfer is not completed. Please help me! I'll wait for your reply!

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