Withdrawing Qtum once Tokens are Live

  • My question is, my tokens are still in Biz, I'm having a terrible time trying to withdrawal. Will things get easier when Qtum is officially launched. Like will they have the tokens transfer on their own, or will they be stuck there forever until withdrawing them is figured out?

  • @bross925

    Ill post instructions how to get verified tonight. You have to get verified to withdraw token on bizc..

  • Your tokens are in Bizhongchou's exchange - they will not automatically transfer out (my guess) because they were processed through that exchange -(very roughly similar to depositing foreign currency into a bank to have them convert it into your currency of choice and place that into your account)

    Now bizhongchou is where your account is - we will all need to work through removing or keeping them on that exchange.

    Ill tell you this - After now having 10 ICO's under my belt - this is the most difficult process I've experienced so far.

    Everything will turn out OK in the end. :)

  • @Guritz


    Click grey area then you will be redirected to your qtum wallet... click on the qtum logo and it will take a second but then it will redirect you to this page...


    After u check that little box you should be able to figure out how to upload your pictures of your I.d. one pic front one pic back and the 3rd pic of you holding your id

    It took over 4 business days for them to verify my account after I submitted all the photos so please be patient...

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