Yunbi exchange problems

  • Is there anyone at Qtum that can contact Yunbi for me and have them please help me get my account to work. I cannot get passed the profile page and they want me to verify certain things but I cannot verify anything because their website won't let me. Have tried to submit my passport information and they keep telling me the pictures are not coming through but pictures are taken with iPhone so I don't see problem.

    My concern is that when my tokens come in September I will not be able to move tokens if these issues are not resolved with my account.

    Can someone from Qtum please try and communicate with Yunbi on this for me. I will really appreciate it. I am trying to reach anyone with Yunbi via any social media and they are very very very slow to respond.

  • Looks like Qtum admin also slow to respond :(

  • Trying to get some response. Luckily Yunbi has already responded to my emails but I am still trying to find out on a date for my coins to be on the Yunbi exchange/

  • Try to send the pictures from your Iphone to your computer and make sure they are saved as JPEG. After that, try to submit them from your computer. I dont know if this could be the problem, but hey it may be worth a try...

  • @frankrbruno Thanks my friend. Got it all straight. The only question I still have is Qtum still gonna send the Qtum tokens in September to Yunbi for those who invested? Because I still see no erc20 tokens so I am guessing I will see my coins in September?

  • @led

    I think they said one to three major exchanges will be handling the swapping of the tokens. That may be subject to change and I think that's what they said... lol join Qtumnexus slack channel there are team members online most of the time there...

  • @frankrbruno Awesome thank you so much for your help

  • @led

    Anytime talk to you in slack soon!!

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