Where to store QTUM tokens in these times - recommendation?

  • Hello guys,
    I went through the forum and searched for recommended way to store QTUM tokens. I can not find any mention about that. I bought QTUM tokens on exchange and I am enforced to store tokens on the exchange, which is not safe as you know.

    I see that, you have test version of wallet, but I dont know how safe is that possibility.

    So, can you help me? Is the exchange really the only one option in these times? If yes, so when do you estimate, that the wallet will be ready?

    Thank you very much

  • Hi,
    As the qtum tokens are now an erc20 token and not just an iou you can store them in any wallet that accepts erc 20 tokens.

    Ledger andTrezor are to name but a few.

    Hope this helps.

  • I use MyEtherWallet CX extension in Chromium browser for storing of Ether. But I dont know, how to store there QTUM tokens. I went through all options, but I can not figure out how to send QTUM tokens there.

  • I have found this link with the basic info how to send QTUM tokens to MyEtherWallet CX.

    Thank you very much for showing direction!


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