help me please~

  • I am a Korean.

    Please understand that it is a translation program.

    I have Qtum on

    However, I deposit has been made from ETH address(

    I want to find the wrong deposit. is paying for Qtum, but does not pay for Qtum

    Two customer centers are asked to ask each other's customer center questions.

    Please help me find the Qtum.

    I will supply you with any data you require

    "" has already completed the payment and can not do anything.
    "" does not have a Qtum Bank system.

    But I will request the data you need, On"

    Attached is the relevant data.

    Deposit has been received(ETH address) : 0x91bd4990b4c78838ed16deca66f9f6c3ffebc02d
    TXID : 0xe67026055a48a85ee31d511f4a86285fbd6cd274075bb1a38bcde91e7b436160
    Quantity : 251.90974937
    Deposit address(QTUM Address) : 0x888eddd5cc9e0798b31744e116315ee40e4a2a4a

  • qtum team


    You need to contact to see if they will recover the coins for you. If they do not accept Qtum tokens, then it may be a complicated process for them to recover your coins. Either way, you need to contact their customer support

  • not sure I understand the problem.
    You deposited qtum token in to an ETH address? on another exchange?

    If that's the case, then I think the receiving party still have your qtum. Qtum tokens are ERC 20 which means they are tokens on the ETH network.

    So where ever you deposited should be at the receiving's exchange's wallet. Now whether they support qtum exchange or withdraw is a different matter. You will have to contact them and see.

    It would be extra work on their part to get the token out for you. But I think they would be the only one that can do this for you.

    Good luck.

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