Bizhongchou not working?

    I can't seem to access Bizhongchou at all today. I am following the link they have given in their how to withdraw guide and it is just saying bad gateway. I have also emailed them several times (in relation to trouble withdrawing my tokens) but they have never responded. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

  • @WP237

    I haven't had any problems with them at all, I can log on and things.. right now they are requiring 3 pictures of i.d.s before you can withdraw...

  • @frankrbruno

    The site is back up, it must have been temporarily down. I have uploaded three photos of ID. How long did it take for them to verify those for you? Verification does not appear to have been instantaneous for me.

    They still are not responding to my emails which is highly irritating.

  • @WP237
    I recently uploaded my 3rd pic and they still haven't verified as well

  • @frankrbruno

    I have uploaded my ID photos and attempted a withdrawal of a small amount to my etc address. Nothing has materialised and the google translate service is translating the chinese text next to the transaction as "in audit". Fingers crossed.

  • @WP237
    Yes same deal, but good news I showed someone how to upload photos and his got approved today and he was able to withdraw. So maybe soon for us as well...

  • @frankrbruno I have checked today and my Qtum balance is showing on Bizhongchou as absent the tokens I have sent. They are not in myethwallet, I have added the token to the wallet so they should show up if successfully sent. As is par for the course, the site is not answering my emails.

  • @WP237
    I'm not sure what is going on with their email service they usually answer quickly.. I may be able to find you a phone number if u don't mind making the call...

  • I think they do manual verification. So the withdrawals gets approved when their employees are working during their hours over there. (which is night time here). They also don't work over weekends. So you need to wait at least a business day (night) for them to manually process the withdraws.

  • @needhelppls
    They are not open on weekends and yes they do it manually...

  • This is making me worried - QTUM is the first ICO I took participation in.

    I have not been able to do anything but confirm my tokens.

    with the ICO page.

    When I go to withdraw it says

    How to claim/withdraw your QTUM tokens?

    • Qtum is still under active development, and is not available for claiming/withdrawing at this time.
    • All the latest news about Qtum will be delivered to your registered email address.

  • @Guritz Go to and you will need some chinese to english transalation. There is also a guide somewhere here or they may have mailed you that shows the steps to withdraw. Goodluck.

  • sort of a funky setup - can log in to check wallet at the but trying to log in following instructions found here - if I go to site gives me user unknown or error.

    What did everyone else do :)

  • @Guritz you have a new password they assigned/ check your email and junk mail. If not you have to choose forgot password and ask it to reset to a new password

  • ok working is different than easy or user friendly (to many double verifications)- I have been able to get in and change as per the document - but now im wondering if I am to enter my erc20 wallet address in the QTUM / BYTOM / DPY etc. adding address area

  • @Guritz Yes.. enter the Ethereum address where you want to get your QTUM tokens in that area. Test with small amounts first to make sure, you get it all.. They may ask you to upload your documents and photos on the way and you will have to wait for their verification on that before you can add the addresses.

  • I this area correct 0_1502308885152_bizhongchou.jpg

  • yes.. looks correct.. send a little amount say 1 qtm and make sure it arrives at your ether address before sending large transfers

  • So entering the myetherwallet address (for those who use) in the QTUM / BYTOM / DPY (add an address) is what we should do? Seems logical since we are talking an ERC20 token - But I'm not up for losing even 1 token so to be clear - I don't want to test an unproved process.

  • @Guritz You have to provide your myetherwallet ether address and transfer to that address from bizhongchou. the erc20 token will come there and you should set up mew to show the new token by providing some parameters like contract name, address and no decimal places etc.. there is already some reference on how to make QTUM tokens show up on mew.. Search for that.. Now come on, 1 QTUM or .2 qtum is worth a try to make sure it works before sending bigger amount. Atleast that is what I did.

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