Bizhongchou not working?

  • @Guritz Yes.. enter the Ethereum address where you want to get your QTUM tokens in that area. Test with small amounts first to make sure, you get it all.. They may ask you to upload your documents and photos on the way and you will have to wait for their verification on that before you can add the addresses.

  • I this area correct 0_1502308885152_bizhongchou.jpg

  • yes.. looks correct.. send a little amount say 1 qtm and make sure it arrives at your ether address before sending large transfers

  • So entering the myetherwallet address (for those who use) in the QTUM / BYTOM / DPY (add an address) is what we should do? Seems logical since we are talking an ERC20 token - But I'm not up for losing even 1 token so to be clear - I don't want to test an unproved process.

  • @Guritz You have to provide your myetherwallet ether address and transfer to that address from bizhongchou. the erc20 token will come there and you should set up mew to show the new token by providing some parameters like contract name, address and no decimal places etc.. there is already some reference on how to make QTUM tokens show up on mew.. Search for that.. Now come on, 1 QTUM or .2 qtum is worth a try to make sure it works before sending bigger amount. Atleast that is what I did.

  • @qtumowner of course I want to make sure it works. Im just double checking that we dont use bizhongchou's make an Ethereum (add an adress) box - But use the QTUM / BYTOM / DPY (add an address) to add our myetherwallet address.

    I have already created the token on myetherwallet other tokens section.

  • @Guritz - Yes, you have to use the QTUM/BYTOM/DPY selection and select QTUM and add the ether address of receiving wallet. Do not add that receiving wallet address to add an Ethereum address because you are not sending ethers to the other side. Even if you add it there, it will only allow you to send ethers to the receiving address and not QTUM.. No harm will be done. In fact the same receiving mew address can be added both under Add Ether address and Add QTUM address also without any issue.. Each will only transfer its own kind of token.

  • I will try to post istructions tonight.. I be been extremely busy lately but I should be able to help you with this process

  • @frankrbruno yeah you seem too busy

  • @qtumowner


    Click grey area then you will be redirected to your qtum wallet... click on the qtum logo and it will take a second but then it will redirect you to this page...


    After u check that little box you should be able to figure out how to upload your pictures of your I.d. one pic front one pic back and the 3rd pic of you holding your id

    It took over 4 business days for them to verify my account after I submitted all the photos so please be patient...

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