Dev Update Week of July 24th

  • qtum team

    Week of July 24th

    Changes made through this week to the core wallet:

    Bugs fixed:

    • [Consensus/DGP] Various bug fixes to the DGP implementation

    Work completed:

    • [EVM/RPC] Added getTransactionReciept RPC call which is similar to Ethereum's implementation
    • [Tests/DGP] Added proposal expiration tests to DGP
    • [Tests] Run Qtum QA tests by default when using
    • [Tests] Continuing to fix test bugs that were broken when adding standard transaction rules and version number enforcement

    In-progress work and soon to be fixed bugs:

    • [MPoS/Consensus] Final testing and bug fixing in MPoS is nearly complete
    • [DGP/Consensus] Final testing and bug fixing for DGP is nearly complete

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