withdrawing QTUM issues

  • I am having a great deal of difficulty withdrawing QTUM.
    Not sure if any of you guys are having the same problem or not but I thought I share my problems here in the hopes that they might be fixed for everyone.
    The guide here
    https://qtum.bizhongchou.com/guide.pdf says you can withdraw to QTUM but you won't see a place to add QTUM address. You can try doing the following:
    Alright, got everything setup on bizhongchou and just did a small test withdrawal. Not that difficult. The only part that wasn't very clear was adding your QTUM address, which I believe is actually just your ETH wallet address for now. You dont select ETH from the list, you have to select what google translate says is "Merger Project Asset Address:" and then select QTUM from the drop down box. Its the 3rd one on the page, first is bank, second is bitcoin, then third is the one you want.

    Or you can try account management then account funds and hit withdraw on the qtum.

    I am currently stuck on the ID verification. Which identification ID are you suppose to use. I don't have a password so what kind of ID am I suppose to use?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • worked fine for a while but now it is asking for higher verification. Anyone else having similar issues?

  • @needhelppls

    I put my drivers license number in because I didn't have a passport, then I uploaded a picture front and back of it as well. I had no problems withdrawing. If you need further help try emailing them

    [email protected]

  • cool
    I might do that as well. I rather not but if it is the only approach.

    Do you feel safe doing this? Just not use to giving out that stuff online?

  • oh I was going to try to get a passport but that cost like $200 with all the fees together and takes like over an months.

    So I gaved up on that idea.

  • @frankrbruno said in withdrawing QTUM issues:


    I put my drivers license number in because I didn't have a passport, then I uploaded a picture front and back of it as well. I had no problems withdrawing. If you need further help try emailing them

    [email protected]

    hey quick question, do you files need to be smaller then 1 mb in size?

  • @needhelppls

    I'm not sure. The ones that I uploaded worked so I didn't really know.

  • Withdraw is working after high verification.
    For those stuck, trying doing that. Taking the pictures are a pain but I guess you have to do that.

  • Hey guys..

    I withdrew on the first day you could, and at that time you only needed basic verification. I used my passport since I have one, but at that time they weren't even verifying anything so you could technically put in any number you wanted.

    My guess is, after the recent SEC guidance they stepped up their verification and now you need to upload pictures. I know it's a pain, but this is pretty standard stuff. Most sites do require a picture of you holding up your ID, and sometimes even a note with the date and site name at same time. Enabling 2FA is pretty standard stuff too.

    It's a hassle, but it exists for a reason, hacking is rampid in the crypto world. If you don't have a Chinese number your only choice is to use Google Authenticator (I used Authy which is an alternative app that allows works in place of Google).

    Just consider yourself lucky they aren't (yet) asking USA citizens proof of you being an acccredited investor too, which I am anyways, but it would be an extra step of needed to proove your income or equity to satisfy the requirements.

  • @OneStepAhead
    Yep same here I left some coins in bizc but now I had to upload the 3rd picture... me holding my license. .. I did that today hopefully there will be no problems

  • I have made withdrawal as per the instructions which is now missing from the balance at Bizhongchou. However, it is not in my etc wallet. I have sent numerous emails to the exchange over the past few days but to no response.

    Under where have inserted my etc address is some grey text which I have translated to "The offer time is about 3 working days". Does that mean it takes three days for a balance to show up in my eth wallet? Also I cannot find the transaction ID to trace it. The exchange being purely Chinese still is making it incredibly difficult to use. Anyone with any experience of similar issues and (hopefully) the successful resolution of the same would be much appreciated.

  • WP237

    I havent... it may take up to 3 days though.. especially if you tried to wit draw during the weekend...you should always start with extremely small amounts before sending large quantities to ensure everything works. For me I sent 1, then I sent 10, then I sent over 800...

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