How to Stake Tokens

  • @Brett @qtum
    Re: First qtum staking post

    How exactly does one stake tokens? Are they automatically staked when kept in the Qtum Wallet or do we have to place them somewhere? Do we run the blockchain on our computer in order to stake? Sorry new to the POS system of mining tokens :)

  • qtum team

    Staking will begin when the mainnet is launched in September. You can stake on the testnet to get an idea. You simply leave the wallet open and after 8 hours or so your coins will begin staking. It might be hard to get a block though since the faucet only gives out around 100 coins, but then again not that many people are staking on the testnet.

  • @qtum
    I thought the less people that stake tokens the better chance you have if you're staking them. Are there computer requirements to stake tokens?

  • qtum team

    yes, that it is true. The computing requirements for staking are pretty low, if you can run the wallet, you should be able to stake.

  • How can someone get Qtum wallet please ? I bough some on exchanges and want to deposit them on my own wallet, not to leave them on exchange site. Please help. You can also contanct me on [email protected] if you know how.

  • @Tom

    QTUM wallets won't be available until end of Sept. They made an erc20 token. If you look at other post you can see how to withdraw them.

  • @qtum how do we test staking if qtum wallet is not available until main net launches? Where would are token have to be held in order to stake them?

  • @cryptolife There is a testnet wallet called "Skynet". There are faucets available with testnet tokens which you may add to your skynet wallet. This allows you to become familiar with the QTUM wallet before it is even released.

    It also includes the "staking" feature and many others for the sole purpose of bug-testing the platform before the mainnet is officially released.

    There is NO wallet available at the moment where you can stake your erc-20 tokens. You must wait for the mainnet launch on the 13th, September, then convert your erc-20 tokens to the official QTUM coins before adding them to a mainnet wallet.

  • @qtumbob

    Token swap will take place in October.. More information coming soon

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