How to Qtum token withdraw

  • if you are stuck and need to do the advance verification, I tried it and it worked afterward. So while I hate uploading my photos online but at least it works and allow withdrawals.

  • Gavin at Bizhongchou was very helpful for me. He replies to emails rather quickly during working hours.

  • On when the withdrawal address is being set up it asks to select the type. If the address is the Qtum address given on Yunbi or Bittrex. What should the type selected be? The options include Community, Neoprene, LMC, Quantam Blockchain, or other?

  • You talking about this right
    and then

  • @Guritz yeah I am. Any idea what to it should be if it's a qtum address on an exchange such as Yunbi or Bittrex

  • Nope Im in same boat as you - Just wanted to make sure everyone could see what you are talking about - so we can move our Qtum around.

    If I can get a firm - tested response - I will re-post - Keep updating and Ill create a new PDF for walking through so we all have a source that is clearly understandable from the newbie (that's me) level :)

  • @Guritz

    I'll post instructions tonight sorry I've been busy

  • So I just tried .9 tokens - its in the Audit phase - I created the token in MEW using the above contract address and details.
    For those who have withdrawn - does it take 3 (working)days for them to process the withdraw.

    Ill post updates as I go too!

    Ill tell you one thing - Bizhongchou is a pain - anytime you touch anything - its double verified even thought you are logged in already. EMAIL and Google Verify. Its crazy to have you run through those steps that many times during the same login and verification. Maybe set the id with the two step on the immediate login process - this site design while not to hard to figure out - is super security overkill - if you have not done it - you'll see what I mean :)

  • @Guritz


    Click grey area then you will be redirected to your qtum wallet... click on the qtum logo and it will take a second but then it will redirect you to this page...


    After u check that little box you should be able to figure out how to upload your pictures of your I.d. one pic front one pic back and the 3rd pic of you holding your id

    It took over 4 business days for them to verify my account after I submitted all the photos so please be patient...

  • i have already tried to withdraw on 11th August in ico365 site and had still waited for 3 days;;; I can’t still find any transaction despite it indicated it was sent my MEW address in ico365. I have no idea now. How can i get mine..

  • @frankrbruno It all works - just got my .9 in MEW this morning.

    I used CHROME with google translate on Windows and Chromebook - to get the english translations - If english is your first language it becomes clear there are literal translations you will have to guess through fairly easily.
    I noticed that on small screens - you CANNOT see all the buttons such as submit or cancel (my translations)
    You cannot resize the popup boxes and drop downs are sketchy.

    If you use the ENGLISH pdf - it will work sending to a MEW (I have also setup a wallet at BITTREX)
    You need to ADD your MEW wallet address to the QTUM BYTUM add an address box.

    Just take your time and go slowly - it will work.

    Thank you to @frankrbruno and @qtumowner and anyone else who helped along the way

  • @Guritz You are welcome.. I think it is better for you trade it on shapeshift than on bizhongchou or bittrex I think. If shapeshift lists Qtum it will be great. You will have to send a request to their support.

  • @onestepahead interesting that you made the below comment, did you know something then about the ICO situation :)

    anyways your words came through and yunbi put back my btc in my account and then when i tried to remove the qtum it gave a message to remove it all immediately.

    i processed the transfer to myetherwallet but doesnt seem to have been processed

    but ya, i was just intrigued by your comment.

    @onestepahead said in How to Qtum token withdraw:


    I sure wouldnt recommend doing that, much safer to keep them in your own wallet. You just never know what new regulations get passed that result in these exchanges get shut down, which is just one of many risks.

  • @frankrbruno Great explanation, thanks! I assume this works the same for Yunbi account holders?

  • @pattos

    I'm not familiar with Yunbi.

  • @qtum ive been told to contact [email protected] and have had no response about getting my qtum sent to my wallet, ive sent all the necessary details !! please can someone help!!!!
    kind regards adam c

  • @adamconstable said in How to Qtum token withdraw:

    my qtum sent to my wallet, ive sent all the necessary detail

    me too! It has been about 3 weeks for me now. :/

    Starting to lose hope.

  • Please the team may not respond to your email but keep checking your wallets they have sent many people's tokens to them already.

    Also please try emailing with your information as well to..

    [email protected]

  • how to withdraw qtum from to an exchange which supports only the new qtum-adresses?

  • I have the same issue. QTUM is not replying to their contact, foundation or swap emails for 2 weeks. I forgot I had a small wallet with EC20 coins on it, would appreciate some help.

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