How to Qtum token withdraw

  • Also I do not see a way to withdraw QTUM. Only BTC, ETH, ETC withdraws. Does that mean we have to sell them to BTC, ETH, and ETC?

    the guide
    says there are QTUM withdraws. I like to withdraw them to bter or maybe on my own Ethereum wallet instead.

    Do we have to wait till main net get released if we wish to withdraw without an ID?

  • @OneStepAhead said in How to Qtum token withdraw:

    Alright, got everything setup on bizhongchou and just did a small test withdrawal. Not that difficult. The only part that wasn't very clear was adding your QTUM address, which I believe is actually just your ETH wallet address for now. You dont select ETH from the list, you have to select what google translate says is "Merger Project Asset Address:" and then select QTUM from the drop down box. Its the 3rd one on the page, first is bank, second is bitcoin, then third is the one you want.

    Thanks I got that. Maybe that's the way to withdraw qtum. However it is asking me to do the ID validation which I don't know which ID I should put. Do I have to get a passport to do this? I don't travel out the country so don't have one.

    Anyway I can apply for a Chinese identification ID online? from their government?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • @needhelppls

    They let me put my USA drivers #

  • @dagreek Hey Im having the same problem as you...also using Gmail and not receiving verification codes. Did you manage to solve the issue? Let me know! Thanks

  • @cocopoil

    I use yahoo and always got my codes. Maybe check your spam box. Gmail might think it's spam and send them there.

  • @cocopoil pm sent

  • I withdraw some qtum tokens and they worked fine. Now when I try to go and withdraw today. It asks for higher verification.

    is anyone else having the same problem?

  • can anyone else withdraw their qtum without the higher verification?

    I already give them the license # like frankrbruno but I don't feel like taking a picture and upload it.

  • @needhelppls

    Then just trying to email them, they respondylitis quickly

    [email protected]

  • I have already emailed them. They do response very quickly. Unlike some other places where the Customer Service is not just terrible, it does not exist.

    Only one I still trust is Poloniex.

  • @needhelppls They bizhongchou are making it very difficult for you to withdraw.. forcing you to put a chinese phone number, and use google 2fa.. I do not like to use google 2fa.. if phone gets lost it is a big problem... not knowing chinese makes it still difficult. Probably they are trying to gulp all your tokens now? If anyone has figured out how to get this going with them let us know.. You need to complain to qtum team so they do not take control of your tokens.

  • Never ever trust these exchanges.. they are always in the game of stealing your money... Can someone have Patrick communicate with them..

  • @qtumowner

    Their are many people here including me who have successfully withdrawn their tokens from Bizhongchou. There are step by step instructions on how to withdraw your tokems posted in this forum already. No one needs to complain to anyone because you don't understand how the process works. If you load Bizhongchou in Google Chrome there is a translate button on the top right corner of the website. It translates it to English. After folow these step by step instructions...

    I'll copy and paste the instruction's so you don't even have to click a link...
    OneStepAhead said in Storing tokens:

    Just wanted to let everyone know I successfully withdrew all my QTUM from bizhongchou. Some questions I keep seeing:

    1. If you dont know your password, simply enter your email address that you used when you backed the ICO and press reset password. I never received the initial password email, so I had to use this technique

    2. Make sure you are withdrawing to an ETH wallet that can support Tokens, such as MyEtherWallet, Parity, Mist. You can use Ledger with MyEtherWallet to view your tokens if you'd like. MyEtherWallet gives you the option to use your Ledger instead of a JSON file.

    3. If you are using google translate to view the website, you need to go to: Account Manager, My Offer, Merger Project Asset Address and that is where you will add your QTUM withdrawl address. You click on the Add an address, and you can select "QTUM Chain" from the dropbox. You will then enter an ETH wallet address (again, make sure its a wallet that can view tokens and not an exchange or Jaxx, etc. I used MyEtherWallet).

    4. For your first withdrawal do a small test run to make sure everything went ok. My first withdrawal took about 12 hours, my 2nd one took only 5 minutes.

    5. These arent the real QTUM's, they are just ether token place holders so you can easily store then yourself, give them away, sell them, etc. I would recommend everyone withdraw them for your own safety. Just do a small test transaction as previously mentioned first, so you can be sure you did everything correctly.

    6. Don't forget to add the custom token to your wallet. If you don't do this, its not a problem, you just may not be able to see your balance until you do.

    Here is the info:
    Contract Address: 0x9a642d6b3368ddc662CA244bAdf32cDA716005BC
    Token Symbol: Qtum
    Decimals: 18

    @qtumowner if you have any other problems feel free to call me or email Bizhongchou

    [email protected]

    They always respond to emails fairly quickly...

    Patrick and the Team are very busy working on the second version of the testnet...

    Also you do not have to enable the Google 2fa... it is just an extra security feature offered

  • @frankrbruno They are taking upto 10 days or even 2 weeks to respond many times. What makes you think they are quick?

  • @needhelppls

    Yes Bizhongchou always responded to all my emails rapidly...

  • @qtumowner

    I just gave you step by step instructions...

  • @frankrbruno pm me

  • @qtumowner @ work right now

  • @frankrbruno how rapid is your rapid

  • @qtumowner usually the next business day sometimes the same day also

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