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  • The announcement took me off guard. Since the tokens are ERC20, can I store them on my ledger nano s?
    Has anyone stored ERC20 tokens other than Ether on their ledger nano s? Does anyone know how? I want to get my tokens offline as soon as possible. At least until the main net is released and I can stake them...

  • Interesting development. I presume each exchange will need to implement a way to withdraw the ERC20 tokens?

  • @qtum

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    So where exactly do we store the tokens? In MyEtherWallet? I don't use that wallet because I lost ether using it. Also, all the hacking thats has been happening. That was the main reason why I bought the Ledger Nano S.
    Are you guys going to be releasing a wallet that we can store the tokens in as well?

  • @frankrbruno Your ERC20 tokens are associated with your ethereum public address and are accessed using your ledger nano S when using myetherwallet. As long as you do not type in a secret passphrase or give out your private key on myetherwallet, why are you so concerned?

  • qtum team

    You can leave the IOUs on the exchange as you wish. This ERC-20 option is for those who wish to hold their tokens and move them around freely.
    Contract Address: 0x9a642d6b3368ddc662CA244bAdf32cDA716005BC
    Token Symbol: Qtum
    Decimals: 18

    You can use MyEtherWallet and simply hit add custom token and input these details.

    The ERC-20 Qtum token isn't the Qtum network token, but you will be able to swap them.

  • @qtum

    Thank you, I'll leave them until Sept.

  • @frankrbruno

    You can keep them on the Ledger. Well, technically no coins are kept on the Ledger at all, its simply just a way to manage your keys. The coins are on the blockchain. See number 2 below.

  • Just wanted to let everyone know I successfully withdrew all my QTUM from bizhongchou. Some questions I keep seeing:

    1. If you dont know your password, simply enter your email address that you used when you backed the ICO and press reset password. I never received the initial password email, so I had to use this technique

    2. Make sure you are withdrawing to an ETH wallet that can support Tokens, such as MyEtherWallet, Parity, Mist. You can use Ledger with MyEtherWallet to view your tokens if you'd like. MyEtherWallet gives you the option to use your Ledger instead of a JSON file.

    3. If you are using google translate to view the website, you need to go to: Account Manager, My Offer, Merger Project Asset Address and that is where you will add your QTUM withdrawl address. You click on the Add an address, and you can select "QTUM Chain" from the dropbox. You will then enter an ETH wallet address (again, make sure its a wallet that can view tokens and not an exchange or Jaxx, etc. I used MyEtherWallet).

    4. For your first withdrawal do a small test run to make sure everything went ok. My first withdrawal took about 12 hours, my 2nd one took only 5 minutes.

    5. These arent the real QTUM's, they are just ether token place holders so you can easily store then yourself, give them away, sell them, etc. I would recommend everyone withdraw them for your own safety. Just do a small test transaction as previously mentioned first, so you can be sure you did everything correctly.

    6. Don't forget to add the custom token to your wallet. If you don't do this, its not a problem, you just may not be able to see your balance until you do.

    Here is the info:
    Contract Address: 0x9a642d6b3368ddc662CA244bAdf32cDA716005BC
    Token Symbol: Qtum
    Decimals: 18

  • @OneStepAhead

    Great post! !

  • How did you guys manage to withdraw the Qtum off that site?
    It keep asking for IDs. What ID should I put? I don't have a passport nor do I have a identification id in China.

  • Informative post, Thanks for updating.

  • No problem guys. Bittrex has now enabled QTUM trading so you can also now store your qtum on there if you'd like.

    I withdrew qtum tokens to my own ether wallet first, and then sent to bittrex after the fact.

  • @OneStepAhead I've done the same...

  • @OneStepAhead @frankrbruno Is bittrex really reliable? where are they based out of? Hope it is not like poloniex which shuts off deposits and withdrawals for days and customer service never responds.. even the best people think bitfinex is not reliable.. how long and good a experience you guys have had with bittrex/

    I wish rather to keep in my own wallet and hoping that shapeshift adds them to their list of supported tokens.. Any decentralized exchange where you can immediately exchange your tokens with no middleman in middle is best.

  • @qtumowner
    I used Bittrex a little with no problems...

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