Qtum price pair CNY ~70

  • Once qtum dips below 70cny~~ it will begin a full reversal. I am preying yunbi specifically can catch some needed resistance. If the lower threshold is passed, that's when a lot of us should be getting nervous. Not to say 0.34$ to $10 isn't good it's just that instead of $10 it could hit below what qtum started at. Regardless of the gains made of the ether and Bitcoin from the ico

  • @aust1397
    QTUM will be a success. There are over a billion users on wechat alone and QTUM will be there. That's just one avenue. The QTUM team practically gave away their tokens for next to nothing. We should be very thankful for all the hard work they are putting into this blockchain. Have some faith and give the team a chance, they won't let us down. Not without trying their best anyway.

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