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  • Please share with the QTUM community how you got started in cryptocurrency...

  • I went to Sonoma state in California for one semester. I had previously heard of Bitcoin and one of my roommates had a miner for Bitcoin. Antminer S5 to be exact. He was making so money and explained to me what crypto is. Once he told me about ethereum back in December of 2015 I began doing research. I invested in ether at $8 and once I doubled my money I was like "wow I need to actually do research with each thing I'm investing in and not just listen to someone else. " So ever since then it has become my new obsession for the past 6 months or so !!!! Thanks qtum and everyone in crypto

  • Funny, I wanted to play poker online and someone from the website mentioned carbon gaming. I went there and registered, but you had to have Bitcoin to play. I got Bitcoin and deposited it. I started reading about Bitcoin and Ethereum. I was like amazed this is going to be huge. It was literally 2 days before the announcement for the Ethereum alliance and prices went up. I pulled 1600 out of my 401k because that was all I could get. I bought 91 ether at 17.43. I then read about the Qtum and got into the crowdsale. Ether went up to 43 dollars and I sold it. My father had got real sick and passed, my step mother gave me his truck, and it needed repairs, so that is where I got the money from to fix the truck and help with the other expenses. Three weeks later, talking about kicking myself in the a*s, as you know Ether hit over 400. I will not sell the Qtum, I'm not going to make that mistake again. Ever since I've been non-stop reading, learning everything I can about QTUM and cryptocurriency in general. I feel like for once in my life, I found a profession that I want to do. I will learn chinese around the first of next year. I can't learn chinese right now because I'm learning Spanish 1 and I'm taking Spanish 2 next semester. I'll graduate with a bachelor's in business in December if all goes well. I would like to work somewhere in this industry, I just have to find my place. I have a few really great ideas for start-ups. Anyone know any body that can listen to my ideas and help get me started, I would appreciate the help.

  • @frankrbruno may be we can talk about ideas offline on email. Where do you live and glad that you found these cryptos earlier. May be you will become an other Erik Finman soon.

  • @qtumowner

    I'm in Florida :) Feel free to email me [email protected]

  • @frankrbruno Will do soon.. Good luck and will be in touch soon.

  • @qtumowner
    I appreciate it.

  • I'm myself very poor.
    I heard about cryptocurrencies a while back, just like everyone I guess... And then I was like "[censored] it, let's invest in it..." I saw how bitcoin mooned and how ETH was going to moon as well, and then I heard about QTUM. I immediately put all my savings (which was 400€) into QTUM... And I'm finally seeing something crazy happening in my life.
    I'm checking the price of BTC, ETH and QTUM every hour, and it's in my mind 24/7. You might think I'm crazy, but I'm just young, working my hardest so I can pay rent, food and invest the rest in either my future house or for my future kids. I'm getting married soon, and while I could get some money to help out, I'll hold QTUM until next year I think.
    If only it could moon, I would be kind of rich and just relax a bit... I'm considering putting more money into QTUM... But don't have any at the moment.

  • @Fidarel
    I feel ya buddy. Lifes hard, but I hope you do good for yourself...

  • I've a background in computing and economics. Heard about bitcoin some years back. Took a little interest but that faded because that was the time there was a lot of hype about ponzi schemes and I just wasn't interested in pyramid schemes or anything that I can't substantiate how value is created.
    But just last December I took a peek again into the bitcoin space and my interest was piqued by the underlying technology which is blockchain. I also got to find that there are alternative cryptocurrency. Ethereum in particular got my attention.
    I ordered some yet to be released books (still waiting for some of them) on blockchain and ethereum smartcontract programming. Earlier in the year while trying to purchase some few ethers just to have them handy for my smart contracts development, I saw the price of ether rise from $11 dollar to $16 in less than two weeks. I got myself about 10 tokens then. But in another one month the price had shot up to $50. SI became hesitant on ethereum and began to look into other cryptos. That's how I came about QTUM and the ICO. So here we are now, and the rest (as they say) is history.

    But beyond the prospects of selling your coins (when value skyrockets) I think we should start devising ways we can utilize the QTUM ecosystem based on its blueprints of creating a robust environment for smart contracts with Go Mobile, leveraging Bitcoin strengths (e.g. UTXO) and Ethereum Virtual Machine.
    So talking about start-ups, there may be some good opportunity here.

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