Qtum token split

  • Qtum almost hit $2 billion market cap. Making qtum token $20 each. This might hinder small investor especially in China- 130 yuan each. Maybe we should do a 10 for 1 split before mainnet come online in September. Bringing qtum token to 1 billion units.

    Hoping Qtum developers consider this, taking into consideration that we all expect qtum value to raise even further.

  • I really don't think it matters that the tokens in circulation is 100 million. They can always buy a fraction of the token, and when the QTUM value increases, the value of their fractional token increases also.
    I doubt the split you're talking about will even be on the table for consideration.

  • @dili I agree. The beauty of 8 decimals makes purchasing only what you can afford a realistic option. There is no barrier to entry.

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