$35 for qtum. No wayyyyy

  • Okay so like I've said before on this forum. To become a billion dollar company takes work. With many products. A team. Community. And an actual problem being solved. What problem is this really fixing between Bitcoin and eth that isn't already fixed with potential forks or other coins. $35 means a 3.5 billion market cap. Too many skeptics on this forum and around the bubble as a whole

  • @aust1397
    3.5 billion is an underestimation buddy. Keep doing research...

  • send me the articles that are peer reviewed. send me real statistics. This is simply speculation, where is the proof of anything. Not to say the whitepaper doesn't look promising but $35 or even $20 is such a big over estimation its ludicrous. For all I know by the time in september when I try to transfer my Qtum from icoage to Yunbi or whichever exchange the time in between transfer could be enough for qtum to be worth nothing.

  • @aust1397 you realize that's true for literally every single cryptocurrency in existence right now, right? You're asking more from QTUM than from any other company that have just as crazy valuations as this. People see potential here because these guys are building a product that has obviously garnered a significant amount of attention and on top of that also knows that branding / presence is very important so they're focused on all the non-technical pieces as well such as keeping their investors aware of everything going on, among many other things by attending and participating in events all over the world to make their presence known.

  • @wtbcapital
    Couldn't have said it better myself!

  • Where is the articles that are credible. You can't use forums and slack as "research" I want reputable sources. What have they actually done for proper promotion. They have an easy to use website???? thats about it. I can't find any relevant articles from that past 30 days. Nor has qtum foundation released any of their financials yet. What events have they participated and [email protected] @wtbcapital neither of you have any real info besides whats inside your head. comon

    ps sorry if i seem mad its just it kinda sucks have $30k of something and being able to do nothing with it and having no real clarifcation ever from icoage or anyone from qtum foundation. Im sure their busy but for all I know that could just be a divergence for taking money. How can a 15 million investment from a few thousand people turn into 3.5 billion dollars in 4 months

  • @aust1397 Imagination is more powerful than inteligent. Follow Elon musk... Telsa and SpaceX. A single man taking on the whole motor industry and nations in space race. Need to have leap of faith. No one can help you.

  • @aust1397 Hey bro. Hang in there.
    First of all, that "15$ million investment" wasn't really 15$ million because of how much the price of both BTC and ETH went up. Basicaly, the ETH / BTC you gave them gained value as well. So when you actually did buy for 0.38$ each, the QTUM price was already at around 3$ before hitting exchanges.
    Then, when exchanges sites did share the QTUM tokens, the demand was far beyond what anyone would have expected. Someone just threw out there the price of 6$ and it started from here. Then it regulated to 4$ (its legit price). Then it mooned to 17$ because of people finding out about it and investing in it.
    That's pretty much it. There's no need to be upset or not understanding what has happened to yourself being lucky, as you invested in a really good project that has gathered many people around, and has gained value. You should be proud. :) Not a lot of people have invested in the ICO. And many invested thousands and hundreds of thousand because of the potential of it replacing both BTC and ETH.
    I hope you're going to sleep well tonight. :)
    By the way, if you need any "source" or information, you should try and learn chinese. Because most of the investors and most of QTUM's value come from them. On Twitter, the QTUM team posts images of conventions and stuff. You should just check about it.

  • Wondering today price raise related more to Antshare publicity or qtum test net release.

  • @Neutrino
    I would guess the testnet...

  • @Neutrino Definitely the Testnet.
    People are smart enough to see the charts and see the price going up, and being close to such a big event for QTUM... It can only be that. Plus, what brings this coin so much more value is that it's not even ranked yet since it's not out there yet. September is when it's going to moon.

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